General Questions

How to configure the app after installation?

After installing the app, the insurance switcher automatically shows on your cart page based on the configuration.

What are the insurance plans?

The insurance plans will be decided based on the cart min and max value. Either it can be fixed or based on percentage. We have two types of plans: 1) Fixed 2) Percentage 1) Fixed: It has two sub-plans - A) Plan by cart values B) Single Plan 2) Percentage: It has two sub-plans - A) Plan by cart values B) Single Plan A) Plan by cart values: Here, you can create the multiple plans based on cart min and max amount B) Single Plan: It will charge fixed amount or fixed percentage amount only

How can customers claim shipping protection insurance?

The customers need to open the claim page. On that claim page based on the email address and order id, they can submit the claim request with the reason and attachments. Then, admin will see the claim request and fulfill the claim.

How many ways to fulfill the claim?

Admin can fulfill the claim with two options: 1) Refund by the amount: Using this option customer can generate the refund for that order directly from the app. 2) Reorder: Using reorder admin can generate partial refund as well.

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