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App Purpose: Using our app, merchants can set shipping protection towards orders. If the package is damage(example) then, customers can claim the order. (if they have added protection while order).

Testing Instruction: Once merchant installing our app, we are showing 3 step form on that basic app will be automatically configured. To understand the system first check app configuration.

App Configurations:

Dashboard Page:

  1. Total Insured Orders: It shows count of orders which place with insurance product

  2. Total Insurance Amount: It shows the amount received from customer

  3. Total Refund Amounts: It shows amount that merchant have sent to the customers by Refund.

Orders Page:

  1. Here, merchant can see the list of the orders (which placed with insurance product)

  2. Merchant can filter the order based on the specific dates.

Claim Page:

  1. Here, merchant can see the list of the orders that claim by customer.

  2. Merchant can edit the claim by clicking on the edit button

  3. Here, merchant can see customer details, insurance type details, and product details. Even, merchant can see the reason and attachments.

  4. Merchant can approve the insurance plan by refunding amount or reordering new order.

  5. Even, merchant can cancel the claim as well, if they think its not major.

Insurance Plan Type Page:

  1. Here, merchant can see two types of plan Fixed & Percentage. Both plans contains the two types of plan Single & By cart amount

  2. Basically, merchant can choose either single or by cart amount of plan.

  3. As name is fixed, it will charge a fixed amount of insurance to customers and by cart amount, merchant create multiple plans like: if min cart value $100 and max cart value $200 then, apply 20$ as insurance protection. Same thing happens with percentage. single plan and cart by amount take percentage of cart total.

Install Code Page:

  1. Here, merchant can see the list of the themes. On click install button that app will be available for that theme.

  2. Once app installed then, the insurance claim page automatically created now, merchant have to just assign that page into the header or footer menu so, customer can easily able to claim the shipping protection.

Setting Page:

  1. App status: To enable/disable app from the stores

  2. Title of insurance: It will show on the cart page just above the switcher

  3. Description of insurance: It will show on the cart page just after the switcher

  4. Insurance image: This image will be show on insurance product.

  5. Auto add to cart: It will automatically add insurance product based on select insurance type

Email Templates Page:

  1. App providing the multiple email templates. That email will receive by customers and admin both. Using edit option that template will be modify.

  2. Claim Requested Email For Admin: Merchant(admin) will notify when customer request claim.

  3. Claim Requested Email For Customer: Once customer generate claim then, customer will receive the notification about it.

  4. Claim Refund Email For Customer: If admin process refund from the app setting, customer will get the email notification.

  5. Claim Re-order Email For Customer : If admin process re-order against that claim then, customer will get the email notification.

  6. Claim Cancel Email For Customer: if admin cancel any request claim then, customer will get the email notification.

Support Page:

  1. Merchant can directly contact the app developer support and can go to the app insurance as well.

App Functionality:

  1. Merchant will create the either fixed or percentage plan based on his requirement

  2. After enabling the app, insurance switcher will automatically showing on the cart page just above the checkout button. (without theme extension as its not needed)

  3. The customer will add the shipping protection by enabling the switcher and place the order.

  4. Admin can see the order listing (which placed with insurance product) on the app setting.

  5. If customer generate the claim from the frontend then, admin will receive the email and can see it on the claim section page.

  6. On the claim section, merchant can see the order product details, customer detail and plan detail.

  7. Merchant can also see the comments and attachments.

  8. Merchant can able to cancel or approve the claim by refund or reorder.

  9. That's it!

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