Manage Claims

You can manage claims by approving or canceling the claim request.
  • First go to claims page.
  • On claim page you can see the claim request.
  • Click on Edit button to further process the claim.
  • You will see the the order claim request details here.
  • You can see order details and claim status here. Click on Fulfill claim to Refund or Re-Order the requested claim.
  • To refund the requested claim select Refund By Amount option then insert the refund amount that is full refund or partial refund and then click on Claim button.
  • To re-order the requested claim select Reorder option. There you can see the order with the quantity box. Enter the reorder product quantity that partial or full and click on Claim button.
  • To cancel the claim request click on Claim Status. When change claim status pop up opens by default In Progress option will be selected. Select Cancel option there and insert reason for the cancelation then click on Change Status button.
  • Once claim status is changed it will reflect both on claim page as well as claim request page.
Insurance Claim Status in claim request list:
  • Requested : The status would read "Requested" once the customer had requested a claim.
  • In Progress : It means that the customer service team is reviewing the claim.
  • Approved : When the claim is valid , the merchandise will be reordered or the amount will be fully refunded to the customer , the status would read as " Approved".
  • Partially Approved : This status applies to multiple orders in a single shipment. It means the claim was valid and just for a single order and it has been approved.
  • Cancel : This is the status when the customer's claim is denied due to false claims or improper activity on their part.