General Settings

Enable Background Audio :

  • You may enable or disable the app with this setting.

  • Simply click on the button to Enable or Disable the app.

Sound Setting :

Choose Songs :

  • This option lets you select music from the app library to play on the front end.

  • We give a variety of music for you to choose from.

Enable Autoplay :

  • When you enable the autoplay setting, music will start playing automatically anytime a person visits your site.

  • If you do not want autoplay, choose no and save your settings.

Enable Repeat Audio :

  • This setting allows the sound to repeat after it ends.

  • If you don't want to repeat the audio after it ends, select no option and save settings.

Allow User to Mute :

  • If the user does not want to hear background music, enabling this option allows the user to mute the sound.

Select Location :

  • You may decide whether to display background music and on the Entire Store, the Home Page, the Collection Page, the Cart Page, or the Product Page.

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